Raised Floors

Raised floors for professional spaces

Raised floors are an integral part of modern professional spaces, contributing to the functionality of these spaces, and consequently, to smooth business operations.

Thanks to their special design, raised floors allow for the creation of an empty space between the slab and the floor, which can cover high concentration wires of power or data. They are available in tiles with dimensions 60×60, with adjustable height 5 to 15 cm and a big variety of decorative surfaces.

Where can raised floors be used:

  • Offices
  • Banks
  • Hotels
  • Other spaces where excessive use of wiring is required.
  • Rooms with servers

Why choose a raised floor by G. Kofteros Group Ltd:

At G. Kofteros Group Ltd, you can find high-quality raised floors in affordable prices, by the biggest manufacturer in Europe, which fulfill all required European standards.

Raised floors near you:

Find your nearest G. Kofteros Group showroom here to view our wide range of raised floors, in competitive prices, across Cyprus.