HPL (High Pressure Laminate) – Architectural Panels

HPL Panels

HPL (High-Pressure Laminate), also known as Bakelite, is a laminate surface created under very high pressure. It’s a high-quality and impressive material, comprised by phenolic resin-impregnated layers of wood or paper, which are fused together under high heat and pressure, to create a single surface. HPL panels are used for both interior and exterior design of houses, restaurants, shops and buildings, adding luxury and prestige.

The impressive benefits of HPL panels:

  • They fulfill all required European Standards
  • They are designed to endure in all weather conditions and can withstand changes in temperature and humidity
  • They are durable under sunlight with a UV protection layer
  • They do not require any form of maintenance
  • They can be used for various constructions and designs
  • Big variety of colours mainly with wooden look
  • Fire retardant

Why choose HPL panels by G. Kofteros Group Ltd:

In G. Kofteros Group Ltd showrooms across Cyprus, you can find dozens of different HPL designs and colours, in competitive prices and various sizes.

Available sizes:

  • 305x130cm
  • 280x130cm
  • 244x122cm
  • 305x122cm

HPL near you:

Find your nearest G. Kofteros Group showroom here to view our wide range of HPL panels in stock.